• Dozens of free audio and video downloads, including exclusive recordings and transcripts of Jose Silva at the very first Silva UltraMind Systems Instructor Training program and other instructor training sessions
  • Detailed guidance on how to condition people, based on 30 years of experiences from Jose and Juan Silva and other top Silva Systems instructors throughout the world
  • How to explain each technique in the UltraMind ESP System as well as Jose Silva’s problem solving techniques – key points to make, examples of using the techniques, etc.
  • Marketing Strategies for the UltraMind ESP System
  • How to Sell the UltraMind ESP System
  • Plus a Site Index and a Site Map to help you navigate the material
Silva Instructor Support Group Web Site
The Instruction portion of the web site includes:
  • Conditioning People – How to read conditioning cycles
  • Developing your UltraMind ESP System lectures
  • Case Working
  • Explaining Jose Silva’s problem-solving techniques
  • Jose Silva’s Holistic Faith Healing System
  • Specialized presentations for Parents to teach their Children
  • Specialized presentations for Coaches to teach their Athletes
  • Specialized presentations for Sales Professionals
  • Specialized presentations for Business people
  • Fundamentals and Definitions
  • Explanations
  • Lecture Material

Detailed Instructor Training in Silva Instructor Support Web Site

You choose how far you want to go

With our groundbreaking new On-line Instructor Training System, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to become an UltraMind Instructor.:

First, sign up for the on-line Instructor training and learn how to teach the System. You are free to teach it to your loved ones with no further obligation to us. The tuition is $597

If you want to continue on and teach commercially, then proceed to the second step to receive your certification and enough materials to teach your first class. The Certification Fee is $1,000, and will be credited towards your royalties.

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