A long tradition of success

Traditionally, Silva Mind Control has been taught person-to-person:

Jose Silva taught his children, neighbor’s children, then everybody.

The first instructors took it, then learned to teach it from him.

Early instructor training involved taking the course, then the Professional Course, then teaching individuals and eventually groups - for pay. After you had taught your first 3 classes, then you could come to Laredo for Instructor Training.

I learned to teach it the way most people did: By first learning it myself in a seminar, then learning the science behind it... and learning how to condition people... in the Graduate Lecture Series.

In the Graduate Lecture Series, we practiced on each other. Then we were told to go home and teach it to our family members. We were cautioned not to condition everybody who would sit still for us, and of course that is exactly what many of us did. Jim Needham was quite good at using reverse psychology.

Now with the internet, we no longer have to travel throughout the country and around the world, and require people to come to class, in order to teach you how to teach the Silva Courses.

You can learn at your own pace, in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Then you can do what Jose Silva has been urging people to do since the beginning: Teach it to others.

In 1970 prospective instructors were told to go teach it on their own and if it worked out for them, then they could come to instructor training.

The flaws in that plan soon became very apparent.

The next step, that continues today, 40 years later, is to learn it yourself, then attended another course to learn more about the science behind it, and how to teach it to others. Then, when you are ready, you can be certified and authorized (licensed) to teach commercially.

In the mid-1980's Jose Silva developed what he named the Save the Planet Project, with the goal of getting everybody on the planet centered. He printed a small booklet with the Centering Exercise and instructions on how to read it to people in order to center them, and asked everybody to read the Centering Exercise to people for a total of 10 hours.

We have videos of him explaining it and asking people to do this.

He was actually giving away what he considered the most valuable thing to come from his research: A way to help people learn to use the subconscious consciously - to covert the subconscious into an inner conscious level.

Once we can function deductively - activate the mind and analyze information and solve problems - at the inner conscious level, we can correct all kinds of problems that hurt our health, ruin our relationships, and impair our ability to succeed in meeting our obligations and fulfilling our mission in life.

From our Center - the alpha - inner conscious - level - we can project the mind anywhere on earth... and beyond... all the way to the higher power that sent us here... to detect information and influence people and situations to help bring about positive outcomes that are good for everybody involved.

If you would like to teach the UltraMind Blended Learning and help people worldwide, start by obtaining the Better World Initiative for $597 and when you are ready, continue with the Online Instructor Training, Mentoring, and Certification.

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