Help people develop their full potential

Jose Silva used to remind us that we don't teach, we don't train people - we help them learn how to use their own natural God-given ESP.

He already did all the hard work for us when he invested 22 years and half a million dollars of his own money conducting scientific research to learn what it takes.

There are 3 steps in helping people develop and learn to use their ESP effectively:

  1. Learn the Best Practices for reading the conditioning cycles to them.
  2. Guide them through the 10 conditioning cycles
  3. Make sure they are able to work health case effectively

The Instructor Support Group Web Site guides you step-by-step to do those 3 things. It also provides hundreds of pages of documents, transcripts, audio, and video recordings of Jose Silva give you all of the background information you need to answer any questions about this new science of psychorientology.

Inside information

Sign up for the Better World System On-line Instructor Training and learn the secrets of Jose Silva's Mind Development and ESP Training Systems for just $597:

  • Learn how to teach Jose Silva's Mind Training Systems to your loved ones - if you wish to teach commercially you can get complete information here Teaching in the US or here Teaching Worldwide.
  • Learn what Silva instructors do mentally while conditioning people in order to program them for success
  • Learn the tone of voice that Silva instructors use to guide people to even deeper levels of mind for faster results
  • Listen to Jose Silva explain the 7 subjects that led to the development of his mind development systems
  • Jose Silva explains the experiment that proved mental projection is real - and goes far beyond conventional "remote viewing"

You choose how far you want to go

With our groundbreaking new On-line Instructor Training System, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to become an UltraMind Instructor.:

First, sign up for the on-line Instructor training and learn how to teach the System. You are free to teach it to your loved ones with no further obligation to us. The tuition is $597

If you want to continue on and teach commercially, then proceed to the second step to receive your certification and enough materials to teach your first class.

Complete Silva Instructor Training Library

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Plus a 500+ page Instructor Support Group Web Site

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