Our philosophy

In this video Jose Silva explains what his scientific research revealed about our purpose in life:

Do you want to make a difference and improve conditions on Planet Earth?

Life is a team sport. A lot of people treat life like it is an individual sport, and some mind training courses even teach that it is all about individual accomplishment… but life is not an individual sport.
We all have to pull together if we want to succeed.

Thank you for your interest in teaching the Silva Systems. Let me give you some information about us, and then you can decide the best way for you to proceed.

We present live seminars for Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System and his Holistic Faith Healing System. Our goal is to help people develop and learn to use their own natural God-given intuition, and how to use their ESP to communicate with higher intelligence in order to obtain guidance and help to correct problems and improve conditions on planet earth.

If they need specific problem solving techniques, they can learn those on their own from the Silva UltraMind Choose Success home study course.

We do not teach people how to “manifest” things that they want for themselves, or how to “attract” wealth or other things that they might want.

Sometimes people are confused about the Silva Systems and Jose Silva’s purpose. Back in the 1960’s he started off by teaching people how they could use their mind to correct problems, and to acquire the resources that they need, so that he could then persuade them to continue and learn ESP (which most people didn’t even believe in at the time).

Through the years, some of our instructors emphasized how the techniques can be used to “manifest” and “attract” things, rather than emphasizing the ESP, and our responsibility to improve conditions on the planet.

There are many problems in the world – everything from wars and environmental disasters to nations that are about to go bankrupt.

Mr. Silva said that we were not sent here for a 70 year vacation, we are not on a coffee break; we were sent here to correct problems on the planet, and to convert the planet into a paradise.

He used to say that we to God what your fingers are to your hand. We are like fingers on the hands of God.

God is not physical, God is spiritual, so God created us with physical senses (eyes and ears and touch, etc.) so that we can send back reports about what is going on; and we have physical bodies to correct problems and do the work that must be done here on earth.

It is through us that God can have a presence here on earth.

We can acquire all of the things that we need in order to do the job we were sent here to do. “The bigger your plans are,” Mr. Silva told us, “meaning – the more people who will benefit – the more help you will get from higher intelligence.”

We can have everything that we need to take care of ourselves and our family, and enough to carry out all of our plans, as long as we are doing what we were sent here to do.

We are looking for people who understand this concept, and who want to be part of it.

Mr. Silva called this the “Second phase of human evolution on the planet.”

We have evolved physically, now we need to learn how to use our mental abilities – our ESP – to obtain guidance from higher intelligence, and to correct the problems on the planet, relive suffering, and help to create a paradise.

Do you have experience in business – especially what it takes to start a new business? Do you have the resources to handle the translation (unless you want to teach in English – there is no need to translate if you want to teach in English), to obtain the necessary business licenses, and all the other things involved with starting a new business?

Let us know what you would like to do.

Thank you again, and please feel free to call on us any time we can be of service.

Better and better

The Avlis Productions Team

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