What you can do

Even if you have not yet been able to attend a live Silva seminar, you can learn it on your own with our new innovative Home Seminars: UltraMind Complete Home Seminar, Holistic Faith healing, and the Choose Success problem solving formulas.

Then, you can quickly and easily learn how to condition others, through our thorough home study course that involves written guidance that you can study at your leisure, and audio recordings to educate you and provide model presentations to guide you.

You learn both what to do and why you do it, and what kind of results to look for when you condition people with the Silva Centering Exercise.

You learn all of Jose Silva’s problem-solving techniques, how to use them, how to explain them, and the science behind them... the science that supports them.

You learn how to guide people through all of Jose Silva’s ESP drills so that they can establish points of reference and begin to use their own natural God-given intuition regularly and reliably to detect more information that they can use to make few bad decisions and more correct decisions, and to correct more problems.

If you wish, you can be certified so that people know that you are not doing this on your own, but are using a scientifically researched and proven program - that has been written up in scientific journals, and has been taught to millions of people worldwide since 1966.

  • Family: You can teach your family all of these things. Special module for doing this... videos of Jose Silva explaining how to teach your children to function as geniuses. Build your own Silva Support Group to help you progress even faster.
  • Friends: You can teach your friends - in fact, we encourage it... on a non-commercial basis (if you want to charge people, you need to be certified and have our backing and support).
  • Educators: From the beginning, Jose Silva offered all of his work to educators to use for free, as long as they made it available to all of their students.
    Educators can use what they learn in this online Instructor Training to teach their students, as long as it is non-commercial and you are not being paid specifically to teach them the Silva Systems.
  • Coaches: You can use the specific guidance that Jose Silva (a former professional athlete himself) developed for the Silva Star Athlete program to teach your athletes to relax and remain in control even in the heat of competition, and to use Mental Rehearsal and other mental techniques to help them achieve success.
    You can be certified and teach commercially if you wish.
  • Business: If you own or manage a business, or if you do corporate training, you can be certified so that you and your company are protected by our long record of success with our scientifically research and approved Systems. Let us know how you want to incorporate the Silva System into your corporate training programs and we will design a customized licensing agreement to help you do what you need to do.
  • Pastors, and other religious people: As Jose Silva put it: Science comes to the aid of religion. If pastors would just tell their parishioners to pray at night before going to sleep, and to do it by making mental movies of the problems and what to do about them, this could be a huge help.
  • Medical professionals: Nurses can help patients... and how about dentists, chiropractors - they can provide the Centering Exercise to their patients, and then as they prepare to work on them, they can guide the patient to relax, the way they learned with the Centering Exercise.
  • Counselors and therapists: Anything they can do to help their clients center themselves will help in whatever treatment they are doing. They can use the Centering Exercise to learn to go to level, then the therapists can guide them to do whatever programming is medically appropriate.
  • First responders: The training officer at the fire department, and the police department, can teach their people how to relax and relieve the stress that comes with the job.
  • Become a Silva Instructor: If you find that you love helping people in this way as much as we do, and you are satisfied with the way that people respond and benefit, then we can certify you and authorize you to teach commercially anywhere in the world.
  • If you have customers: If you already have customers or clients - a mailing list of people that you already have a business relationship with - then you already have a ready-made market. You can get started quickly and with little or no marketing expense, so that you can recover your modest investment quickly. You can continue teaching part time and earn additional income by helping people with the World’s Number One mind development and intuition training program.
  • Public Speakers: If you are a good public speaker, then you can put your talent to work by telling people about the latest research in the field of intuition and ESP, and then invite them to develop their own natural God-given intuition with the Silva UltraMind ESP System. You can profit from your persuasive skills while helping others to change their lives for the better by selling our Silva Home Study Courses and earning a 100 percent profit (sell for double your wholesale cost).
  • Business and sales background: If you have a background in sales and business and are good at working with people, and have an entrepreneurial spirit - and you don't mind working many long, hard hours - then you might want to do this on a full time basis.


     ...Learn... Share... Earn

Do it Yourself: Learn the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar Online Training + Downloads for just $119.98

Learn all 3 home study Systems - UltraMind, Holistic Faith Healing, Choose Success - Online Training + Downloads for just $254.34

Silva Better World Initiative - all 3 home study Systems, plus all Application programs and other products, plus full access to the Instructor Support Group Web Site for just $597. Share what you learn with your loved ones and friends, help them learn to use these fabulous techniques

Personal Mentoring: Silva Blended Learning - UltraMind ESP System with personal mentoring via Skype or phone for just $499. Mentoring available for other Systems and Apps and for addition people joining you for the Mentoring.

Silva Better World Initiative with Personal Mentoring for just $1,000. Share with loved ones and friends, and if you decided to teach professionally, you have already taken the first step.

Earn: Your investment for Instructor Training depends on how experienced you are with the Silva UltraMind Techniques.

Basic Level:

If you are new to UltraMind we will explain a lot more to you than we had time for in the basic course, about the techniques themselves and many ways to apply them.

Online training plus Certification: $2,500.00

Guided Training (Mentoring): $1,500.00

Total Investment: $4,000.00

Advanced Level:

If you have been using the UltraMind System for a while and have had success with it, you can complete Instructor Training more quickly.

Online training plus Certification: $2,500.00

Guided Training (Mentoring): $750.00

Total Investment: $3,250.00

Opportunities worldwide. Choose how and where you want to teach

To get a feel for what it is like to help people learn to find and function at their center, the alpha level, you can download a script of the Silva Centering Exercise and follow Mr. Silva's instructions on the first few pages. Start with your own family, then friends. You can download the script now at the Save the Planet Project page.

If you like it as much as the rest of us, then you can sign up for the Instructor Training and use it to help your family and others on a non-commercial basis.

If you wish to go further we can certify you to teach it commercially. Perhaps you can teach it to employees at the company where you work, to customers and clients, and anybody else who is interested.

It is not the easiest way to earn a living unless you have a knack for business and marketing, but it is a great way to supplement your income while helping a lot of people discover who they really are and how to use more of their mind to be healthier, have better relationships, and to earn all the money they need to take care of themselves and their loved ones and carry out their mission in life.

Is this right for you? You'll never know until you give it a try. It doesn't cost anything to start, just download the Save the Planet Project booklet and follow the instructions.

For details about the Silva UltraMind Better World Initiative and all that you receive, click here.

Click the buttons below if you are interested in the Business Plans for teaching professionally (commercially) in North America and Other Countries.

If you want to teach outside of North America, please contact us first to see if we have a Licensee in the country where you want to teach. If so, you can work with that Licensee . If not, you can work directly with us.

Please Note: Our Licensees (Instructors) are independent business people.

We are not hiring people to teach. This is a Business Opportunity.

It requires an investment in training, and an investment in getting your own business started.

Also, before you can teach the UltraMind ESP System, you must learn how to use it yourself.

Trying to teach it without knowing how to use it yourself would be like trying to teach someone a new language without knowing how to speak the language yourself.

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