Many benefits

People who practice entering the alpha level, where they can think and make decisions and come up with ideas with the use of the right brain hemisphere, receive many benefits. They are:

*Better decision makers.
*More successful.

When you begin to think at the alpha level, with the right brain hemisphere, you gain insight and understanding about many things, such as why we were sent here.

From the alpha dimension, we can understand that the reason we human beings were sent to planet earth is to improve conditions here.

But we have not been doing that.

We now know that the reason that our problems are growing faster than our solutions, is that 90 percent of people are thinking at the wrong brain frequency.

The correction for this problem is simple: Begin using the correct frequency for acting…the beta frequency, and the correct frequency for thinking…the 10 cycles alpha frequency.

This discovery compares with the discovery made in radio communications many years ago. Broadcast stations had saturated what is called the a.m. (amplitude modulation) band with stations.

This led to the discovery of another dimension, the f.m. (frequency modulation) band. And as you know from turning on your radio, you get less static and superior high fidelity reception on the new f.m. band.

Right brain thinking is a superior band for thinking:

  • It changes the sub-conscious into an inner-conscious level. This allows people to also use the information stored in the subconscious, consciously.
  • Right brain thinking — through intuition (ESP) — connects us mentally with all information on this planet, so that we can use this information to correct problems.
  • It also connects us with higher intelligence, so that we can get the guidance and help that we need.

Once people begin using the right brain hemisphere to think with, they will then start to comply with the mission assigned to them, which is to improve living conditions on planet earth.

Everybody can be a winner

This can happen when we gain by helping others to gain, and gain while helping the planet to gain.

In order to do this, all material gains are to be used to help us better carry out our mission here on earth.

Remember, we come here with nothing, and when we leave here, we return to wherever we came from with nothing.

So do not ask for more than what you need; but do ask for no less than what you need.

Besides helping themselves, graduates of the Silva Systems are also directly obligated to help improve conditions on the planet by promoting the new science of psychorientology.

When they introduce people to the Silva Systems – a product of the science of psychorientology – they are helping many individuals to comply with their mission.

Thus, Silva graduates are actually taking part in “The second phase of human evolution on this planet.”

This is a highly responsible assignment. We say congratulations and thank you to all of you who are helping in this movement, and also helping other people to accomplish their mission on planet earth.

Evolution of Consciousness