Welcome to the Beginning of the Second Phase of Human Evolution on the Planet

Jose Silva Jr.

Jose Silva Jr.

Hello, I'm Jose Silva Jr. and I'd like to invite you to join me on a journey that my father started us on, into the Second Phase of Human Evolution on the Planet.

As you may know, my father founded the "mind development" movement that became popular in the 1960's, and has grown into a giant industry today.

He used to tell us that humanity was "moving towards the beginning of the second phase of human evolution on the planet."

Millions of people in more than 100 countries around the world had taken his course and read his books, and thought that the mental abilities they were developing to detect information and correct problems already was a new phase of human evolution.

But my father was not satisfied. While millions of people considered Silva Mind Control to be revolutionary, he considered it to be only the beginning.

There was one big question that continued to nag at him. Here is a recording and a transcript of how he explained it to a group of scientists in 1973:

"We are interested: Is there a higher intelligence somewhere? Of course we are.

"We think we are tapping into it at some level, somehow, because we ourselves cannot explain - even ourselves within the movement cannot explain the success that we have had, except through help from higher levels.

"And that is putting it lightly.

"Now our interest would be: Can we establish a better communication with higher levels of intelligence, wherever they are?

"Are they somewhere in the universe?

"Are they somewhere in the center of our galaxy?

"Can we, or should we, communicate subjectively, instead of the way we have been trying before?

"Now there are glimpses and hints in this direction that this could be. It could be."

Do-it-yourself, or do it with help from a higher power

Jose Silva's Everyday ESP by Jose Silva Jr.It was 25 years later when high intelligence revealed the answer, and my father created a whole new course around it: The Silva UltraMind ESP System. UltraMind is the culmination of his 55 years of scientific research and experience in the field.

His original Silva Mind Control course back in the 1960's was something you could do yourself... to help yourself.

His new UltraMind Systems go far beyond, to another dimension.

UltraMind aligns your purpose with that of higher intelligence.

While some people call on God to do things for them, my father realized that this only works when you align your purpose with that of higher intelligence.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "My concern is not whether God is on our side; my great concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."

Created in the image of God

This is not a course to help people get whatever they want.

UltraMind is a System to help you develop your natural God-given intuition and use it to detect information to help you make better decisions, avoid mistakes, and solve more problems.

When you do that, it is easy to get what you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

When you lift up humanity, you also lift up yourself. You don't have to take something from someone else in order to have what you need.

My father told us, "We should not gain at someone else's loss, we should gain while helping the other person also gain." Higher intelligence wants everyone to prosper, not just a few.

It is not about acquiring a large estate to leave to your children, it is about leaving behind a better world for people we don't even know.

That is why my father included the Better World statement in the course: "So that when we move on we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow."

UltraMind represents a paradigm shift beyond the old "self-improvement" approach that has been so popular in recent years.

Is there really enough for everybody?

With UltraMind going beyond the "self-Mind Control" approach of the past and providing you the tools to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence, you might wonder what kind of results this produces.

Our students are seeing results that far surpass anything they experienced in the past.

When you broaden your horizons beyond your own needs and do things that help all humanity, your results are magnified proportionally.

You are part of humanity, so anything you do to lift up humanity also helps you.

Throughout history, many of the greatest fortunes have been built by people who were looking for ways to improve life on Planet Earth:

Henry Ford wanted everyone to have an automobile. Bill Gates thought that everybody should have a computer. Warren Buffett's "Value Investing" considers a company's value to humanity just as important as its profit margin.

But a word of caution: If you work to improve conditions on the planet just so you can get rich, that is the wrong reason.

The power comes from having a shared purpose and working towards a shared goal.

Where real power comes from

During the last 100 years, many people have looked to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, for guidance in developing personal power and achieving great things.

In his Reading Course in the Law of Success, Hill talked about the "Master Mind" concept - coordinated effort. He said that "Power is organized effort. The 3 most important factors are: Concentration, Cooperation, and Coordination."

When you align your mind with the minds of other people and work for the common good, you can achieve much more than when you take a selfish approach.

When you align your mind with that of higher intelligence - as you learn to do in the Silva UltraMind ESP System - you can achieve far more.

What makes billionaires happy

Some of the wealthiest people on the planet realized that accumulating great wealth isn't the most satisfying thing... spending it to relieve suffering and improve conditions is.

That is why Bill and Melinda Gates set up their foundation.

That is why the world's wealthiest investor Warren Buffet contributed most of his fortune to support their foundation.

That is why 10 percent of the estimated 403 billionaires in the United States have signed a ”The Giving Pledge,” a charitable initiative began by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, committing at least half of their fortune to charitable work, to correct problems and improve conditions, so as to leave behind a better world for those who follow. more information

Helping individuals vs helping all of humanity

My father and my Tio (Uncle) Juan had a disagreement about the value of the course. Tio Juan felt that it had saved his life, and he considered it crucial for every person to have these life-saving techniques.

Tio Juan didn't like my father constantly talking about "religion" as he put it, because it turned some people off.

My father took a broader view, a spiritual view. It had nothing to do with religion. He felt that the reason we need to be healthy and strong is so we can correct problems and improve conditions here on earth. That was the origin of our Save the Planet Project. You can read his thoughts here:

Fortunately, you don't have to choose between correcting your own personal problems and helping to make the world a better place to live:

You can do both.

The "self-Mind Control" that we have taught since the 1960's is a fabulous do-it-yourself program.

The Silva UltraMind ESP System goes beyond self-Mind Control, and gives us a way to obtain guidance and help from a higher power.

The question for you is: What are your needs: If you have insomnia, headaches, if you are failing in school, if you have bad habits you need to break, then you can use the problem-solving techniques. You can learn them in a seminar, from a home study course, or from a book.

If you want to help correct problems so as to leave behind a better world for those who follow, then the Silva UltraMind ESP System can provide you with the best tools we know of to do that.

Working together to improve conditions on Planet Earth, we can gain more - and gain it easier and faster - than we can by fighting and taking from one another.

Leaders in the field since 1944

If you are not familiar with my father, he is the lay scientist who started the "alpha brain wave revolution."

He was the first to find a way to teach people to function at the powerful alpha brain wave frequency with conscious awareness.

He created the very first course to teach people how to function at alpha and to actually use the untapped power of their mind to solve problems, achieve goals, and create a Better and Better life.

He used to say that Silva Mind Control was the most imitated course in history. Imagine what he would think if he could see how big the "mind development" industry has grown today.