Jose Silva teaching a big class

Welcome to the beginning of the second phase of human evolution on the planet

Can you imagine a world like this:

  • Abundance: Everybody knows how to get everything they need without taking from others or hurting anybody
  • Peace: War is no longer possible because we can detect anyone's ill intent and stop it before it begins
  • Wisdom: We quickly resolve differences by seeking guidance from higher intelligence

You are invited to join the team that is leading humanity into the beginning of the 2nd phase of human evolution on the planet.

We need your help to improve living conditions for us all

Join the Silva UltraMind team. Learn and grow with us while helping make the world a better place to live for yourself and others.
  • Promoter/Instructor: Helping people learn what they are capable of doing with their genius mind is one of the most satisfying things we have ever done. You can teach in-person seminars and online Webinars. more... 
  • Parents: Jose Silva advised all parents to train their own children to use their genius faculties. We can show you how. more...
  • Jose Silva's Save the Planet Project: Volunteers needed to help people learn how to center themselves at the powerful Alpha brainwave level by reading the Silva Centering Exercise to them. more...

How to create a paradise on earth

Can you imagine a world where everybody knows how to get everything they need without hurting anybody or taking from anyone else?

Leave behind a better world for those who follow

Then there would be no need for wars, no need for crime, wellness and abundance will be the natural state, and we will have real, lasting peace on earth to leave to our children.

Jose Silva always believed that we can have paradise on earth if we just solve the problems that prevent it.

For that, we need a Spiritual Awakening, so that everybody will be on board and working for the same goal.

That is what the Better World Initiative is all about.

A spiritual awakening

Help one another with case workingTo build a better world, we need to create better human beings, by helping people unlock their true spiritual nature. This was Jose Silva's life work.

We must begin to use our subjective, mental, faculties as well as our physical faculties.

We must seek and use guidance from a higher power who will lead us and help us create the kind of world we all want to live in.

There is more information available to us at alpha than at beta. We can think more clearly. We can solve more problems at alpha.

At deep levels of mind, we can communicate directly with higher intelligence on the "other side" and obtain the guidance and help we need.

It has been said that at beta - the physical dimension - we prey on each other; at alpha - the subjective dimension - we pray for each other. It is a different kind of praying.

The change is at hand

Millions of people are already taking advantage of the subjective dimension, by function clairvoyantly and creatively at the alpha dimension.

But this is only a drop in the bucket. There are more than 5 billion people on the planet. And most of then are still doing their thinking in beta.

We call the left-brain, beta-thinkers, eccentrics, because they are not centered. They need to learn to center themselves at 10 cycles alpha brain frequency, so that they can use both bran hemispheres to think with, so that they can use both the physical and the mental dimensions.

Those who use only beta, only the left brain hemisphere, are out of balance. They need to be centered.

Right now, the eccentrics are causing more problems than the centered people can correct.

But there is hope, as more and more people learn to center themselves and function clairvoyantly and creatively.

One day - and we hope it is soon - when enough people are functioning at 10 cycles alpha, you will see the greatest changes that have ever taken place on this planet.

Then we will finally be able to fulfill our mission and convert the planet into a paradise.

How you can be part of the solution

Help others learn their true potentialWould you like to share your knowledge and experience of Jose Silva's revolutionary mind training systems with your children, your loved ones, your customers and clients, your students, and the public, and help them discover the power of their own mind?

Would you like to make the world a better place to live and improve living conditions for yourself and others?

Then you are invited to join the Better World Initiative at whatever level you feel is best for you.

  • Do you have loved ones you would like to share Jose Silva's techniques with?
  • Are you a parent who wants to help your children? Train family members?
  • Are you a Silva graduate who would like to build your own support group by teaching the techniques to your loved ones and friends?
  • Do you have customers or clients who would like to detect inside (psychic) information to help them make better decisions and gain a competitive edge?
  • Do you want a home-based business so you can set your own hours and work only as much as you desire, and earn money while providing a great service to people?
  • Are you a teacher with students who need to get more correct answers and improve their test scores?
  • Are you a public speaker who would like to use your skill to persuade people to obtain products that will help them change their lives for the better? Profit from your talent by introducing people to the power of their own mind.
  • Are you an entrepreneur or a sales professional who would like to build a profitable business while helping others learn how to change their lives for the better?
  • Do you train employees or salespeople? Give your staff an intuitive edge over the competition. Contact us for special Business and Corporate Programs custom tailored for your company and your specific needs.
  • Are you a medical professional who would like for your patients to take greater control over their own health, and to make better decisions regarding their physical and mental health? Teach your patients how to relax, then when you treat them, guide them to deep healthy levels of mind so they can work from the inside out to help you heal their body.
  • Do you know people who could benefit from having help from a higher power?

1+2=7 billion

Jose Silva believed that if everyone on the planet is centered, then we will have a world filled with peace and prosperity for everyone.

To achieve that, he had a simple formula:

1+2=7 billion.

If each person who has benefited from the Silva Systems will pass it on to just 2 other people, and those 2 will pass it on to 2 others, and we continue to do that, then within 10 years all 7 billion people on the planet will be centered and we will have created a paradise on earth.

The future is in our hands

The future is in our handsIf you would like to make the world a better place by helping people learn how to actually use the untapped power of their mind and change their lives for the better, then you are invited to join the Silva Courses Better World Initiative today.

You can learn with our innovative on-line Instructor Training system, with additional help and support from your local Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor.

It has been said that the best way to really learn something - to learn all about it - is to teach it to others. You can increase your own knowledge and ability while providing a great service to your loved ones.

At the very least, you can participate in Jose Silva's Save the Planet Project and center your loved ones and friends so they can have a better life.

Benefits of participating

If you want to share this with family and friends, to help your children develop their natural God-given genius ability, we can provide you all of our home study courses and application program and full access to our Silva Instructor Training and Support web site.

If you want to teach commercially by presenting public seminars, corporate and other group training, or our innovative Blended Learning System, it is easier than ever before to get started, anywhere in the world.

If you have experience in sales, marketing, and business and would like to have your own Silva UltraMind Systems business, let us know.

If you want to Center people with the Silva Centering Exercise, you can get started right now with no expense and no obligation.

For details about the Better World Initiative and all that you receive, click here.