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In his own words:
Jose Silva on what his scientific research has revealed about our purpose in life.

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Presenting the UltraMind ESP System outside the United States

     We support you in many ways. Please contact us to see if we have a Licensee in the country where you want to teach. If so, you can work with that Licensee . If not, you can work directly with us.

Extensive 500 page Instructor Training web site loaded with articles, lectures, and videos of Jose Silva, and step by step guidance to help you become a successful Silva UltraMind Instructor.
List your public classes on the Silva Instructors and Schedules web site.
A free web site to promote your public classes and sell Silva products (English only at this time), and even web site hosting for active instructors
Tested advertisements, flyers, brochures, and press releases
Sample presentations for Civic Clubs and other local community organizations and news media
Affiliate program that pays you a 50 percent commission for Silva product sales - we do all the work, you earn a profit
When you are ready and have signed an agreement with Avlis Productions Inc. or the Licensee in the country where you will be teaching, you will be certified as a Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor by Jose Silva Jr., who was one of the original owners and the President of the old Silva UltraMind Systems LLC, and is also a Trustee of Jose Silva's Estate, which owns the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems.

The business plan outside of North America

     Please contact us first to see if there is a Licensee in the country where you want to teach who can help you get started.
     If there is no Licensee to help you, you can train directly with us.
     The Better World System Instructor Training Program is $597, which gives you full access to the Silva Instructor Support Group Web Site and the Complete Instructor Training Library. When you are ready to start conducting classes, there is a Certification Fee of $600 for Certification by Jose Silva Jr. This fee also covers the royalties for your first 10 students. You do not need to pay the Certification Fee if you only plan to teach your loved ones and not teach commercially.

     It is not practical for us to provide materials and as much additional support outside of North America, so we have a different business arrangement.

     For the agreement, we will authorize you to teach the Silva UltraMind ESP System - and if you wish, we can also authorize you to train and supervise others to teach it - anywhere in your assigned territory, to renew automatically on a year to year basis.

     Our business procedure is different in the US than it is in other countries, because in the US we can provide a lot more services, while in other countries, the Licensee has to take care of everything.

     We sell "student kits" for $100 each, less if you buy in large enough quantity. That includes the manual (resource guide), a registration card, and a certificate of completion.

     If we do not have a Licensee in your country and you would like to represent us, so that when someone inquires about becoming an UltraMind Instructor we can refer them to you and you will handle it, then we will refer everyone who inquires about becoming an UltraMind Instructor to you. This will help you build a nice, profitable UltraMind business.

     If you train someone to teach and help them get started, then you
can sell them manuals, and just pay us 10 percent of what you receive.
In dollars... if you sell them a manual for $100, you only pay us $10.
Add another $5 or so to print the manual and certificate, and that is
a lot less than it will cost to buy manuals from us.

How much to charge students to take the course

     You can set your price and charge what you think is best for people to take the course.

     Our experience has been that individuals  want to pay as little as possible. We to tell them that we will work out any kind of payment plan that they want, and we ask them how much they can pay now. If they offer less than what the manual cost us, then we decline. Otherwise, we take the money and let them come to class.

     We don't bill them or ask them for the money. We have them fill out a form and state when they would make payments, and how much. Almost everybody ended up paying in full, even though we did not bill them or ask them.

     If somebody doesn't pay, at least we don't lose any money. Like they say: It is better to get half of something... than to get all of nothing.

     Obviously, as a business person, you have to figure out how much you need, and then test and see how much people are willing to pay.

     By the way, the best business advice we ever got was from a handyman named Chester who drove an old "step van" and only had about four years of formal education. He explained it this way:

     "In business, you only have 2 choices: You make money, or you lose money. There is no such thing as break-even. If you are not making money, you are losing money."

     I am sure that you can figure out which of the 2 choices to take.

     We do a lot of charitable work and do whatever we can to help people who need help, but when it is a business transaction, if we are not going to make some money from it, we pass on it.

     We keep telling people that teaching is not a good way to earn a lot of money. Any teacher will tell you that. Teaching our courses is the most emotionally and spiritually rewarding thing we have ever done - but we certainly haven't gotten rich doing it.

     The way to earn money in this business is to make it a business you want to encourage other people to become Silva UltraMind instructors, and you refer them to us and then help them promote classes, then you can earn a good income, if you do a good job at it.

     Teaching the course can be a good way to supplement your income - especially if you are already in business and already have clients or customers who would be interested in it.

Building a profitable Silva UltraMind Business

     If you are willing to train others on our behalf, then we will treat it as if it were an exclusive agreement...with us. We are not the only ones who are authorized by Jose Silva's Estate to teach UltraMind worldwide, but when anybody asks us about teaching in your country we will refer them to you, if you want to handle it.

     That's the way to make some good money at this - you can supervise other instructors, provide them with manuals, they pay you and you will send us the standard 10 percent royalty (copyright fee) - 10 percent of whatever you receive. So if they sell the course for 100, they pay you 10, you pay us 1.

     You can make your own recordings of the UltraMind material if you wish. Graduates love to have recordings in their instructors voice. Again, just send us 10 percent of what you receive. You can sell all of our products of course, but if you want to record others - Choose Success or Holistic Faith Healing - we will need a separate agreement for that.

     We will send you an agreement that permits you to teach UltraMind in your country. If you want to teach other places, no problem, just let us know.

     It will be a non-exclusive contract. There are two other people besides Joe Jr. (Jose Silva Jr.) who were owners of Silva UltraMind Systems LLC, which has now been closed, and each of them could authorize someone to teach anywhere in the world, plus Silva International already has instructors who are teaching a similar course throughout the world. Personally, we love competition - as long as it is clean and fair.

     If you want to represent Avlis Productions in the your country, then whenever someone asks us about teaching there, we will refer them to you and let you handle it. In other words, we will treat you as our exclusive Licensee, as long as you take care of business for us.

     You can train them to teach the course, and they can pay royalties to you. Then you will send us 10 percent of what they pay you. Your royalties (copyright fee) will be 10 percent of whatever you receive from promoting and teaching and selling the Silva UltraMind ESP System.

     You can also sell the other products that we have - anything that is on the SilvaCourses.com website. You can do that through our affiliate program.

     There are other expenses involved in starting a new business of course: You need to print student manuals, certificates of completion, registration cards and receipts, and you need to promote the course and find students, secure meeting space, etc.

     We help out by waiving the royalties for your first 10 students. This gives you an opportunity to recover most - or perhaps all - of your investment in your first class.

     Here in the US there are companies that will print manuals on-demand, at a very good price. They actually print the manuals on what amounts to a big copy machine, and make a color cover for it. They will print 1 or more, all for the same price per copy, and will even ship them to the customer for us.

Learn the business for free

     There is a very easy way to find out what it takes to persuade people to learn our System, and it won't cost you anything - in fact you can earn money while learning how to sell the course:

     Join our Affiliate Program and earn a 50 percent commission for introducing people to the Silva Systems.

     For complete information on our affiliate programs click here.

     There is a page where you can get encrypted Product Links that will send people to our web site for complete information on the product, or you can describe the products on your own web site and use a link that will bypass our web site and send people directly to the Checkout Page.

     If you have a web site, you can place links on your web site and then refer people to our web site, and even if you don't have a web site, you can still sell products by submitting posts to forums and blogs.

     There are a number of web sites that allow you to publish your own blog, where you can review each product and include a link to additional information, or directly to the Checkout Page - or both. Be sure to check out the US Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding reviews of products that you receive a commission for selling: ftc.gov.

     Every product that we (Avlis Productions) publish is available for Instant Download, so we don't have to deal with international shipping, customs and import taxes, lost packages, etc. They can purchase physical products if they prefer, but they can obtain the products faster and at half the cost if they are willing to download the files themselves.

     If you wish, you can purchase products from us at a 50 percent discount (plus shipping), and resell them locally.

     If you are serious about going out and telling people about the benefits and value of the Silva Systems, we can set up a web page for you, and provide you with sample presentations you can make to civic clubs and other community organizations.

     This is the kind of thing you will need to do in order to find students to teach, so if you want to get an idea of how well you might do in this business, this can be an excellent way to begin.

Our agreement

     The agreement that we execute with you permits you to record any of the UltraMind material and market it. It also authorizes you to sub-license other people to teach the course. However, they will not be able to sub-license other people under them.

     So... if you find somebody who would make a good Licensee - perhaps in one part of the country - perhaps in another country - we will make arrangements so that will be beneficial for all of us.

     Back when we first started UltraMind, Mr. Silva and Pepe Romero said that anybody who brings someone into the business will get a commission from all the business we do with that person, for as long as you are still working with us.

     If you help someone get started as an instructor and they report directly to us, we will pay you 10 percent of whatever we receive from them. We are open to other arrangements, anything that makes sense.

The next step is up to you

     We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get started. If you have a knack for persuading people to sign up and take the course, then you can recruit other instructors and help them also attract students and you will all benefit.

     It is very easy to teach the course. The hard part is persuading people to invest the time and money to become psychics. Most of our business comes from referrals, by the way. Help your graduates succeed and achieve what they want, and they will insist that their friends come take the course too.

     Jose Silva already did all of the hard work for us. All we need to do is to give people a reasonable explanation for each conditioning cycle so that they will be relaxed and receptive, and then read the conditioning cycle exactly the way Mr. Silva wrote it.

     Our Instructor Support Group Website has hundreds of pages of information, audio and video recordings of Jose Silva, to help you understand his research and to be able to answer questions about it. If somebody ever asks you a question you don't know the answer to, DON'T try to fake it - we are training psychics, they will know if you are faking it. Be honest, tell them you want to check with headquarters to be sure you give them the correct information, and email us. We will help you.

     If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. If we (Avlis) already have a Licensee in the territory where you want to work, we will refer you to that person. Otherwise we can make an agreement directly with you. Please check with us before you send the Certification Fee.

     Click here to contact us.

Copyright by Avlis Productions

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